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Текст песни Клип к песне Phantom - 7 You Are My Own (запись Richard White, John Almberg)

Erik you are my son
Do you know you're my son?
You became my whole life
When your life was begun
Do you know that the man
Who protected you always
Has been your father?

Yes, I know I'm your son
And I more than surmise
I have known for some years
That my eyes are your eyes
And I've wondered how long
It would take you
To tell me it's true.

Now that you know,
I must tell you I'm grateful for you.

No, it is I who am grateful to you,
My father.

For the music alone,
It's been worth all the pain
And a life of perpetual
Darkness and rain

For inside you the light of the soul
Of your mother has shone
Erik you are my son, and my boy,
And my life, and my own.

And...what did you think of it?

Think of what?

Your infant's face.

Ah. It...could have been better.

Remember the day I looked down into the water?


I thought I had seen a sea monster.

I remember.

I had...that's the irony. And then, for a while, I thought I was only dreaming.

I went through that phase, too.


Will you bury me deep
I must never be found
When at last I find sleep
And I'm cold in the ground

Yes, I promise I'll never allow you
To be on display
Erik, you are my son.

I have known all along.

And the light of my life--

I have known all along

Erik, you are my son, and my boy
And my love, and my own

Видео Клип к песне Phantom - 7 You Are My Own (запись Richard White, John Almberg)

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